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  • On a positive note

    The Rajamangala Stadium could have witnessed another historic win by the once underdogs of Asian football but then again fate said “maybe not tonight.” Many would agree that the game against the host country Thailand,  was not one of our best night. Even without the skillful simulated dives or the muay thai inspired defenses of the war elephants nor the questionable calls of the referee it was ...

  • When the Captain is down

    MANILA Philippines -- AS the dictum goes, the captain should be the last to get off the ship, but for the Azkals Captain Alexander “Aly” Borromeo it was a different story; Because months before the important journey for the AFC Challenge Cup, he had to abandon the mission to face quite a different challenge.   During one of the UFL 2011 games the 29 year old skipper sustained a hard ...

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