We need more football parents

By: Jack Biantan - twitter: @jackool1

Sat. Jul. 11, 2015

THE success of Greg Naquines as a young footballer is much to be credited to his parents Rico and Beth.

They give him 100 per cent support financially and morally. They cheer with him in victory and cry with him in defeat.

They wake up early to accompany him for training and they travel with him wherever he goes to compete.

If you ask all the successful footballers who they owe their current success, they would always credit their parents for it.

I once talked to the parents of current Azkals goalkeeper Neil Etheridge when I was in England and they relayed to me the sacrifices they undertook to make Neil a successful goalkeeper.

The parents or the soccer dads and moms in the US can be credited as the reason why football in the US is the fastest growing sport. Millions of boys and girls as of this moment are encouraged and supported by their parents to excel in football.

That is why they have started to produce exceptional talents. These talented players are now making the USA a powerhouse in the world of football.

The US just won the Fifa Women’s World Cup title beating Japan, 5-1, in the final in front of 55,000 fans in Vancouver, Canada.

Their men’s national team is no longer a pushover and their league the Major Soccer League (MLS) is also fast growing attracting thousands of fans in their football specific stadiums every match.

In Cagayan de Oro city there are just very few parents like the Naquines couple who are giving all their resources to help develop the football talents of their kids.

These football parents come from some exclusive schools like Rosevale School, Xavier University, Abba’s Orchard School, and Corpus Christi High School. There are some parents from various public schools under the project of Cagayan Misamis Oriental Football Association (CMOFA) president Percy Guarin who are also supporting their kids. However, they are also few.

If only we have many football parents like the Naquines here, we would have more football playing kids like Greg who could fill the national teams with players from our city. God bless


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